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Android Drawables Stroke Inconsistency

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I’ve run into a funny little problem when creating custom drawables recently – some of the lines were crisp and some were blurred:

After few debug iterations I was able to narrow down the difference to the shapes drawn using the Canvas.drawRoundRect and Canvas.drawPath. The former looked much crispier. I’ve dug down to Skia classes and it turns out that they reach the same drawing function through slightly different code paths and I guess at some point some rounding is applied at one of them, but I haven’t verified this.

The minimal example which demonstrates the issue are two solid XML shape drawables (which are parsed into GradientDrawables), one with radius defined in radius attribute, the other one with four radii defined (can be the same).

Besides satisfying my idle curiosity and honing my AOSP code diving skills, I have learned something useful: do not mix paths and round rects on Canvas and use Path.addRoundRect with radii array when your path contains other curved shapes.