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Mobilization 2013 and Android Tech Talks Meetup

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I’ll give the presentation on this years Mobiliztion conference in Łódź on October 26th:

I’ll talk about challenges related to ContentProvider and data model in general we faced during 2 years of development of Base CRM for Android. Even if this particular topic does not concern you, the agenda is ripe with other interesting Android topics: dependency injection with Dagger, Gradle, unit testing, continuous integration. It’s not Android specific event – there are also several presentations about other mobile platforms.

If you already have other plans for October 26th, you want to share some war stories related to data model on Android or you just want to talk about Android with fellow geeks, I recommend you a MeetUp happening next week in Kraków: Android Tech Talks #3. I’ll give a short topic intro, which (I hope) will be followed by deep, insightful discussion.