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UnknownHostException Gotcha

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Several days ago I was preparing a simple app for the programming contest organized by Future Simple during KrakDroid conference. It consisted of a public ContentProvider, SyncAdapter and an Activity. The contest participants had to write an app which retrieves the input data from ContentProvider, solve a very simple algorithmic problem and save the output back in the ContentProvider. This would trigger the sync and the SyncAdapter would upload the data to our backend. The Activity showed the contest rules and the list of submissions.

As you can see it’s nothing fancy and I hacked everything together rather quickly, but when I tried to send the first submission I got the UnknownHostException from AbstractHttpClient.execute(). Had I googled the issue first, I’d solve this issue in one minute. The problem is, my internet connection was flaky and the backend I tried to connect to was set up couple hours earlier, so the UnknownHostException seemed like a quite probable error.

If you haven’t click the Google link above, here’s the solution: this exception is a way in which Android tells you that your app is missing the INTERNET permission.