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Nokia Belle Update and Content Published in Nokia Store

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I’ve received an email from “Nu, Pogodi!” customer, saying that he cannot download my game from Nokia Store after updating his N8 phone firmware to Symbian Belle. After quick investigation in turned out that the N8 Belle device was listed as “Not compatible” in content distribution details.

When I published my game in November, the only devices running with Belle firmware were Nokia 603, 700 and 701. When the Belle update for various phones was released, the new firmwares were added to the list as “Not compatible”, because that’s the only reasonable default. It’s prudent to prevent users from downloading application that might not work, because it’s very likely that in case of any errors they’ll post a negative review, and it’s very hard to bump your rating from 1 or 2 stars average. I verified that everything works fine and updated the distribution metadata.

So here’s the piece of advice for anyone who published some content in Nokia Store: periodically check if there are new firmwares available and update your content distribution.