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Hello, World

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I’ve been planning to start a blog for quite some time, but I kept finding excuses to put off writing. Not enough content, poor writing skills, not enough time – take your pick. What’s changed? Not much really, except I said myself ‘screw it’ and stopped procrastinating. I want to start a blog, so I have to sit down and write something, don’t I? Call it my new year’s resolution.

What will I write about? During my day job and in my free time I conduct a lot of research on programming for mobile devices and I want to document my work somewhere. I’ve prepared a list of topics I’d like to write about and I hope my research will provide enough content to keep this list full (and anyways, if I ever run out of interesting subjects I can always write “top 10 blah” or “introduction to monads” post). I’ve started my professional career two and a half year ago as a Symbian OS programmer and I’ve stayed in mobile world since then and wrote stuff for every significant mobile platform except iOS (but I do plan to change this soon). Currently I’m programming mostly Android and Symbian apps.

So I’m going to gloat about the stuff I wrote, rant about various gotchas in the world of programming for mobile devices and I hope that in the meantime I’ll learn something and have some fun.